Eva Blosser

Eva has always sought to find the perfect work-life balance.


Eva Blosser has always sought to find the perfect work-life balance. One of the first things she noticed about BARR Financial Services, was the firm’s dedication to helping families find a balance between living life today and building a secure financial future. That balance resonated with Eva, and it was then that she knew she wanted to become part of the BARR Financial team.  

Always enthusiastic, Eva’s ‘can-do’ attitude is a perfect fit with the firm’s mission of helping its clients find answers to all of their financial questions. Her meticulous attention to detail is delivered with care and compassion as she assists clients each day. Working with the firm’s systems that have ‘backups to backups’ is right up her alley.

Eva started as a receptionist at a high-performance window & door manufacturer and ultimately became responsible for purchasing several million dollars’ worth of glass.  Seven years as a customer service representative followed by seven years as a purchasing agent furthered Eva’s communication skills.  Along the way, she completed a Dale Carnegie course which she says really helped her open up to people and find the courage to share stories.

Her work-home life is important to Eva.  A love of fitness and eating healthy helps provide the energy required to make that happen.  Exploring Florida’s nature trails, bike riding with her family, gardening, and practicing yoga are some of Eva’s activities outside of the office.  She also speaks Polish.

Eva is excited and proud to say she is part of the BARR Financial team.


Mrs. Blosser is not registered with Triad Advisors, LLC

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