Crystal Garcia

Crystal has always been passionate about helping others and making a difference in the community. 


Crystal Garcia has always been passionate about helping others and making a difference in the community.  When she had the opportunity to join BARR Financial Services, Crystal knew this service-oriented company was the right fit for many reasons.  She loves being part of a team that helps others achieve their goals in life.  

When it comes to work and home, Crystal has often been asked, “How are you so organized?”  Her meticulous nature has helped her excel throughout her career.  Creating processes and routines for various tasks has been a big part of her effectiveness in all endeavors, including managing and training others along the way.  As a US Army Supply Specialist for six years, Crystal was able to apply her orderly approach to all tasks, including organizing charity events and tutoring children in local schools. 

Meaningful communication with customers and staff was a critical part of her position as a Reimburse Coordinator/Trainer for ProHealth Pharmacy prior to joining BARR Financial Services. She is thrilled to move from large corporate organizations to an independent firm that shares her values and allows her to form more personal relationships with the BARR Financial family and her colleagues.  

Crystal was awarded the Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal, the Operation Enduring Freedom Medal and the Community Service Achievement Award while she was in the Army.  She is always up for an adventure such as traveling with her family racing motorcycles. She also loves arts and crafts and writes poetry. As part of her love of community, Crystal has thought about a career in politics so she could help voices be heard and be a proponent of change. 

BARR Financial Services is pleased Crystal is an integral part of the team.  

Ms. Garcia is not registered with Triad Advisors, LLC

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