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BARR Financial Services specializes in Life Planning. Always focused on family, we believe in the balance between living life today and securing a sound financial tomorrow.

Utilizing our comprehensive and creative planning approach allows us to align every service we provide around the Financial Well-Being of the people with whom we work. We help our clients employ their success to accomplish what they want during their lifetime and transition it properly to accomplish their true wishes for future generations.

As an Independent Financial Advisory Firm, we take a comprehensive approach that considers the interrelatedness of all of the elements within one’s financial life. Education, planning and adaptation all play a significant role in our commitment to delivering highly informed, unparalleled service.

Our to serve with the highest level of integrity.

BARR Financial Services empowers clients through education to make confident, informed financial decisions and find comfort with those decisions.

In a world of POSSIBILITIES... where will you land?

When was the last time I sat down with my significant other and had a deep discussion about what we really want out of life and how we are going to achieve the financial aspects for our family?

  1. Based on my current retirement plan, at what age does our money run out?
  2. Do I truly understand my propensity for risk and is my portfolio achieving the right amount of return for my level of risk?
  3. Have we developed a family mission statement and conveyed our family values to the next generation?
  4. If I passed away today, do I have a trusted advisor to be there for my family and help facilitate my financial wishes?
  5. Am I certain my Estate Planning documents will accomplish my Family Mission Statement?

Let us help you discover ways to answer these questions with a greater level of confidence for your family.

Avoiding the Top 10 IRA Rollover Mistakes

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// The Story of the Quill

The Quill symbolizes centuries-old traditions and values in the creation & communication of thoughts and ideas.  We embrace these old-world values & traditions, blending them with our new-world financial planning approaches.

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Kirk Barr Young presents his economic review of the 4th Quarter of 2017. An overview of the Domestic Economic Health, Global Economic Health, and Real Estate to help you make informed decisions & find comfort with those decisions.

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