Welcome to our Homework Kit...…

Welcome to BARR Financial Services LLC’s New Client Homework Kit.
We’re glad you’re here! There are three components for completing the kit:

  1. Compile your personal information/documents which then can be uploaded electronically from your computer to our secure website (see Gathering Data List — Page 1 ).
  2. Complete the BARR Financial Profile/Balance Sheet and the three financial questionnaires, which will take approximately 20 minutes. Your information can be saved as you work, should you have to stop and come back to the questionnaires. When you save your work, you will be emailed an internet link to return directly to the saved documents on our secure website.

    Please note: It may be a good idea to gather your data first, as the information could come in handy for some of your answers on the questionnaires.
  3. Review the Financial Advisory Engagement Agreement, as well as the other important documents in the FOR YOUR REVIEW section.

// Some particulars for entering data on our forms:


  • Your email address is required for the forms to be submitted
  • Do not use commas when typing numbers
  • Do not enter  ‘cents’ when typing currency — only whole dollars


If you do not know how to answer a question, you can leave it blank. We will work together to complete these questionnaires during our Fact Finding meeting.

We hope your experience with our New Client Homework Kit is a breeze; please let us know if you have any problems completing the forms or we can assist in any way.

Thank you and see you soon!


The BARR Team
Cary VanDermark - cvandermark@BARRLLC.com  or
Debbie Rousch - drousch@BARRLLC.com

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