Live below your means? Here’s why you can’t afford not to…

Live Below Your Means

Living simply is an idea oft revered. I mean, who doesn’t want to be unencumbered by the necessities of a life that’s overtly social and material? Imagine: not having to worry about the clothes you wear, or the car you drive, because making the decision to own less and live more feels so much better than anything else society […]

Job Hunting At 80: The Importance Of Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

66% of millennials have no retirement savings. You read that right — if we had 100 millennials in a room (be sure to serve brunch, and we will come running) and asked them how much they had saved for their retirement, 66 of millennial’s responses would be “Excuse me?” Furthermore, according to a study from National […]

How Much Risk Are You Taking?

How Much Risk Are You Taking?

Risk is a fact of life, and it is a part of everything we do. Think about this: driving down the street is a huge risk that most people willingly take every single day. We indulge in foods that often pose a risk to our long-term health and wellness. We even carry around our valuable […]

Cryptocurrency: Scary Fad, Or Stable Trend?

Crypto Currency Logo

When you hear the word cryptocurrency, what comes to mind? Do you feel emboldened and excited about the opportunities that lay ahead, or do you feel dwarfed by the potential? If you happen to lean more towards the latter, have no fear! Now a global phenomenon, cryptocurrency is rife with jargon and multi-layered ideas that […]

Cyber Security


In the middle ages, there were sieges against castles. In 1755, British forces quelled rebellions. In the late 20th century, there was the Cold War and the ever-present threat of communism. And now, in the modern day, there are cyber-attacks and compromised cybersecurity. This, unfortunately, is no joke. 2017 saw the world record set for […]

Estate Planning For LGBTQ Couples: Uncharted Waters, Or Smooth Sailing?

Estate Planning For Lgbtq Couples

In terms of the LGBTQ community, society has come quite far.  The dissonance between heterosexual and homosexual is becoming smaller, and with the long-awaited legalization of same-sex marriage, couples are now having to look at familiar situations through news lenses: housing, representation in media, travel abroad and, namely, finances — and not only how to […]